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Faster, crisper, smarter, crazier ... Ride the exponential curve of gaming advancement with the most advanced gear. Unlock amazing new gameplay with our amazing new tech.


Romer-G™ is like the key switches you’re used to, except it’s been drastically “scienced”. We’ve made it more durable, shortened the actuation distance, obsessed over the tactility of the actuation point, optimized the RGB lighting, and made sure it’s worthy of the Logitech G name.

The result is a gamer-grade switch with speedy, decisive actuation—without the clicky click. One might call it StealthMech™.

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In-game lighting integration profiles for over 300 games, constantly updated with the latest games like Battlefield 1, Mafia III and Civilization VI; 16.8 million colors customizable for each individual key; RGB heat map mode for keypress analytics; color sync across headset, mouse and keyboard; programmable ambient effects; SDK ready for devs ...

This is Brilliant RGB™ only from Logitech G. This is more than just mesmerizing light. It’s a smart application to help you play bright.

Light up the latest with Brilliant RGB


Logitech G headsets have a hidden superpower. Patent-pending hybrid mesh is woven into advanced Pro-G™ audio drivers found in G933 and G633. The audiophile will appreciate the smooth and booming performance at high volume. The players will love the detail and precision of distortionless explosiveness.

Clean, accurate highs and deep, rich bass makes for incredibly dynamic 7.1 surround sound with Dolby® and DTS Headphone:X™. Now, you can clearly hear your friends’, foes’, and noisy loots’ position with lifelike, in-game spatial awareness.


Consistent, pixel-precise accuracy makes a critical difference in high-stakes competitive gameplay. The PMW3366 is the winning sensor for all genres, for informed enthusiast, and only for the smartest professionals. Most of our mice feature the PMW3366. Here’s why.

With zero smoothing, filtering or acceleration across the entire DPI range (200-12,000 DPI … that’s fast even at 8k), the PMW3366 sensor provides exceptional tracking accuracy and consistent responsiveness at any speed. It’s the difference between a well-timed, precision takedown and a really-close, one-pixel-off, complete fail. That’s the pixel of win.

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The old gamer mantra: “Wired or nothing” is just that ... old. We understand it’s hard to accept that, after decades of no dice, the wireless gaming mouse is a reality. And, rest assured—it is.

The G900 wireless mouse performs better than most wired gaming mice. Thanks to the clandestine wireless propensity of the PMW3366 sensor, optimized 2.4 GHz connectivity, intelligent placement of both wireless transmitter and battery, and unobstructive materials for the shell and internal components … G900 is the wireless champ, weighing in at only 107 grams. That same innovation also fuels the G403 wireless mouse and the G933 wireless headset. In conclusion, we’re just getting started.


Strafe, angle, death from above ... stealth melee, run-and-gun, snipe. No matter how you slice it, the joy of FPS is about speed, timing, decisiveness and collaboration.

Slice to the heart of Battlefield 1® with Romer-G key switches, PMW3366 sensors, and dedicated channel 2.4 GHz wireless all designed for the millisecond, the nanometer, the one pixel of win required to defeat qualified adversaries.

Watch the Brilliant RGB Battlefield 1 video now


Hours of strategic gameplay requires endurance. Days of strategic dominance requires Logitech G gear. You’ll begin to rely on the Romer-G key switch quickness. Marvel at your automated macro commands when you dial in your G-keys and myriad mouse buttons using Logitech Gaming Software (LGS). Unshakable comfort from your G933 and G633 headsets are only matched by the unforgettable booming sound. Sort your society with the god-like accuracy of a wireless gaming mouse.

Take marathon gaming up a notch. Run the world with the most versatile, comfortable and precise gear possible. At least, that’s how we play Civilization VI®.

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For the Quantum Gangster

In the case of Mafia III®, “G” stands for its original moniker: Gangster. In the dynamic world of 1960’s New Orleans, you’ll need keen attention to detail to explore and master all the tiny dimensions of this open-world gangland. Fortunately, this is just the occasion for Logitech G technology.

Survive villainous personalities, bloodbath side quests, and lurking gators with higher-level awareness. Distortionless and positional audio ensures you hear all 360 degrees of your environment. And, wireless freedom lets you soar through curving storylines and do-or-die challenges without any nagging tugs, binds, and—most importantly—without lags. Gaming is freedom … unless you end up behind bars, but that’s on you.

Keyboard layout may vary by region.