Be the driver, become the pilot.

Whether a dogfight over occupied France or hugging the curves at Spa, the thrill of simulations feel like the real thing.

With Logitech racing wheels and flight controllers you feel every skid of the tires or every wing drop. The controls feel like the real thing, whether it’s a slick six-speed gearbox or a jet fighter joystick.

If you want to take it even further, pair a Logitech racing wheel or joystick controller with a Playseat® simulator. Dedicated Playseat® racing or flight simulators can transform your office into a cockpit or your living room into a race car. A Playseat® racing or flight simulator puts you into the game.

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Solid match

A dedicated seat with hard mounting points for your Logitech racing wheel or flight controller can make your simulation experience solid.

Seats like the Playseat® Evolution, F1®, WRC, Gran Turismo or Air Force, feature firm mounting points that hold your simulation controller steady for twisty tracks or dizzying dogfights. Take full advantage of Logitech force-feedback technology with fixed controls on a Playseat® racing or flight simulator.

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Flawless fit

Racing or flight simulators like the Playseat® Evolution, F1, WRC, Gran Turismo or Air Force are fully adjustable. Dedicated seats and mounting points place the wheel, pedals, stick or yoke just where you need them for maximum control and realism. With perfectly placed controls, your racing or flying skills can reach new heights.

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Perfect pairing

Never worry about wobbly wheels or sliding pedals because each seat has mounting plates specifically engineered for the Logitech mounting bolt pattern.

Choose the seat-controller combo that best fits your needs.

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