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High Performance Wireless Technology

LIGHTSPEED is an end-to-end wireless solution that achieves wired-like performance. Now available for all players.



Through end-to-end engineering and design, Logitech G developed a robust wireless solution to solve the fundamental problems of latency, stability, and connectivity. The end result is LIGHTSPEED, a pro-grade wireless solution, that is actually faster than many wired gaming mice.

Advanced Wireless Solution

Meticulous prototyping and programming ensures that each component processes data faster than ever before, establishes an extremely robust connection, and consumes the least amount of energy. Performance was optimized at each and every step.

From every circuit pathway to every bend in antenna geometry, from hardware to firmware, we simulate and test each protocol and algorithm for maximum performance even in the most arduous and data-saturated gaming environments. As a result, LIGHTSPEED is unrivaled and sets the benchmark in wireless gaming performance.

Performance-Tuned Data Pipeline

Our engineers enhanced the slowest component, then the next slowest, then the next … until nothing was slow. The thorough innovation of each component is what makes the incredible speed and reliability possible.

Play Next Level, Without the Leash

No more drag of the wire, no more cables wrapped around your gear, encumbering your desktop. With LIGHTSPEED, you get industry-leading performance without any wires to hold you down.

Pro-Tested, Pro-Approved

For professional players, milliseconds matter. Logitech G wireless gaming mice were the first to be used in professional CS:GO tournaments where accuracy and sensitivity really matters. Esports professionals like Autimatic (Cloud9, CS:GO), Bjergsen (Team SoloMid, LoL) and Tucks (Chiefs eSports Club, CS:GO) depend on Logitech G wireless mice with LIGHTSPEED technology every day and every tournament.