Logitech's Z906 speakers, G mouse, G910 keyboard, external monitor and tablet displaying ARX control status

Stay Informed

Win the information war and stay ahead of the competition with critical in-game information on your tablet or smartphone. Arx control serves as a second screen for supported titles.

Arx Control SDK

ARx Control monitoring Logitech G peripherals on a mobile device

In-Game Peripheral Management

Arx Control lets you monitor and control your Logitech G peripherals without ever leaving the game. Fine-tune your mouse DPI in real time, or call up a list of your G-Key macros for quick reference right on your smartphone or tablet device.

Mobile device displaying usage levels of your system's media with built in ARX controls.

Keep Tabs on Your System

Troubleshoot and monitor your system hardware with GPU/CPU temperatures and usage levels. Control your media or launch games remotely with built-in controls.

Mobile display of GPU/CPU temperatures and usage levels using ARC Control and App Store download logo

Available for Tablet or Smartphone

Arx Control is available on Android and iOS on tablets and smartphones, and works on any system with Logitech Gaming Software installed. Stand your smartphone upright in the adjustable Arx Smart Dock, on select Logitech keyboards, for convenient viewing.